For passion of art and luxury


™France. Limoges. 1873. In the family of the skilled master of ceramics, August Leblan, a boy, Philippe was born. The whole city worked in the porcelain manufactory and the boy studied to continue his father’s business. In 1888 the father died and 15 years old Philippe Lenblan began working in a potter's workshop just to earn his leaving. Suddenly fortune smiled upon him—he entered the HAVILAND manufactory.

He had to work hard. Since his childhood, Philippe Leblan

drew very well, and this ability was noticed in his  factory.

In 1899, the factory  obtained an order from the Parisian fashion

designer Jeanne Paquin,  on the  production

Of a limited edition  of perfume flacons . Philippe did some

artworks for these bottles (unfortunately, these artworks

didn't remain in the family archives).

The First World War began, Philippe Leblan, in search of  new ideas, went to Canada, where he met the jeweler  PASCAL RATTIER. Philippe drew, for  him, original designs for  his jewelry. Then Philippe Leblan married the jeweler’s daughter and in 1919  began  small jewellery business  in Canada.

After  the war the family moved back to France.